Boca Raton Photography News

    Taylor Made For Modeling

    One of the reasons I have found tremendous success in my 23-year career as a professional portrait photographer is that I take the time to build a rapport with all my clients. Getting someone to relax and feel comfortable in front of a camera is easily half the battle in achieving the right expression and catching that perfect moment.

    This technique is extremely useful when working with children who may be self-conscious or going through an awkward stage. One way or another, I will find the way into my subject’s head and drive them into giving me their all.

    Occasionally, however, you meet up with someone like Taylor. With all the self-confidence and spirit of a movie star, Taylor pulled her parents into my Boca Raton studio determined to become the next “big thing”. I was instantly blown away by her personality. There was something uniquely extraordinary about her. I knew in an instant that she was not only a force to be reckoned with, but that we were going to create magnificent images together.

    Since our shoots together, Taylor has gone on to do some local modeling work and I have no doubt that she will go on to become the next “big thing”… OH SNAP!!! No You Di’int…